Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stinging words

Reflecting on this week's gospel: Mark 8 v 27-38

Oh, Jesus,
you didn't mince your words with Peter
Peter, who had just proclaimed you Lord
and then you denounce him as Satan
Don't you think that was a bit harsh?
Just a tad sharp?
I mean his heart was in the right place
he's a well meaning sort of a fellow.
But that's just the trouble, isn't it -
too many well meaning folk
who are really just obstructing the kingdom
Hearts in the right place
but stifling life and growth.
Focussing on trivia
and losing sight of the essentials
Perhaps we too need to be harsh
Weed out those who would choke the gospel
just so things can stay as they are -
familiar, comfortable,
Lord, give us courage to speak out
not to wound but to confront.
Make us brave enough not to be nice
for the sake of peace
but to challenge
for the sake of the kingdom.
And as we do that may the Peters in our midst
know themselves loved
as Peter knew your love
even as he was challenged.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done! I love the prayer you close the poem with.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so gifted with words liz. Do you mind if I read your poem to my congregation this Sunday?

RevSis said...

Wow! I also am appreciative of your words and your prayer. Thank you!

liz said...

gloriousthings - I would be honoured if you use my poem - blessings

Anonymous said...

Thanks. love Sarah