Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The child in me

Whoever welcomes

(Reflection on Mark 9:30-37)

When I feel like the alien

When I’m left out of the game

Not part of the crowd

Does that make me better than others?

When I refuse to join in

And be part of the problem

Does that make me wiser?

Or does all that perceived marginal living

Just give me an inflated ego

Make me feel good

Maybe even better

Who is the greatest?

Jesus said: whoever welcomes…

Welcomes the child

That part deep within all of us

That makes us play games

And be competitors rather than pilgrims

On a journey to humility together.

Whoever welcomes…

Keeping to the edges

Is not the better way

Better to get stuck in

Even if that makes us vulnerable

Better to honour the child

Even if that child exposes us

To love the child within ourselves

Can only help us to love the chid in others

Can only help us to love the child in God

Whoever welcomes…

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