Saturday, 2 June 2012

The voice of God

A reflection on Psalm 29
Strumming across the rainbow
with crescendo and diminuendo
as the colours fade in and out.
Rippling through the treetops
with trills and turns
as the leaves catch the rhythm
swaying in and out of the stave
or floating untethered on the wind,
freestyle, unfettered by rules and forms.
God’s voice refuses to be pinned down
but weaves around us
in beauty and majesty,
in oceans of calm,
in tempest and storm
lulling us into pausing,
ensuring our rapt attention
before compelling us to act
in response to words of wisdom
so beautifully spoken.
Compelled to take up the cry
for justice and sharing,
compelled to act until all God’s children
hear the voice of God
as wonderfully loving and affirming
and splendid as creation.

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