Sunday, 12 June 2011

The comforter?

Last night as I drove confidently to a friend's house, I was reminded of the number of times just after we moved to this part of the world that I got lost and used the church steeple to guide me home. It was a strange and very disconcerting feeling to live and work in an area I didn't know. Everything was new and unfamiliar. A different landscape. With my head filled with thoughts of Pentecost in preparation for Sunday worship, it struck me that a move out of our comfort zones is often called for in the journey of faith.
We pray: "Come, Holy Spirit" when really, the unpredictability that the Spirit brings is the last thing we want.
For Jesus' disciples that first Pentecost, the landscape changed and they were thrust into new and unfamiliar territory accompanied by God's Spirit. They followed that Spirit and were led in ways they could never have imagined. Life was extremely uncomfortable at times but they were never alone.
Dare we continue to pray: "Come, Holy Spirit"?

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