Sunday, 17 April 2011

The gift

Easter Communion

As we share bread today
the young, the old
the familiar, the new
we do this in the light of Easter
We have journeyed through Lent
and Holy Week
and now we have this celebration
of new life
of new meaning
of new purpose.
Made new
not just by Christ’s death on the cross
not just by Christ’s body broken
and his blood poured out for us
but also Christ’s rising from the tomb
to conquer death itself
And so what we celebrate
is not an empty promise
or old, familiar words
but life itself
lived and given in love
a love that confounded the government then
a love that confounds the church now
a love we cannot earn
but simply accept
as a gift
This is the mystery of Easter communion.
All are invited
Come and feast.

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Sue said...

This is so lovely.