Tuesday, 22 March 2011

And what next...?

When the war planes have finished
wreaking their peculiar blend of destruction
and the civilians who still had some fight left in them
have been ground into submission
- those that survived, that is -
what next?
When the bodies of the innocent
have been gathered
and disposed of tidily
what next?
When one dictator has been deposed
making room for who knows what
in his place
what next?
What next for ordinary people
who love their home
and their country
whose surroundings have been decimated
by allies ganging up
claiming just cause,
choosing one cause, strangely
out of so many others.
what next?
Leave them to pick up the pieces?
to rely on their own devices
and their well developed
strategies for coping
in the midst of carnage
perpetrated by whoever chooses
to intervene
and make things worse?
What next?
Impose an alien regime
that they neither asked for
or wanted?
What next?
Clearly, those who take decisions
to go blithely to war
even for so called just causes
failed miserably
to plan that far ahead.