Saturday, 26 June 2010

Our vuvuzela?

Some thoughts on 2 Kings 2 v 1-14

OK, maybe not quite as annoying as a vuvuzela but our heraldic bugles surely rank with those attention seeking instruments.
As we consider tomorrow's Lectionary text, where Elijah's mantle is handed on to Elisha, a few well timed vuvuzela blasts won't go amiss.
There seems to be a conspiracy of silence as Elijah and Elisha make their way to that historic moment.
Presented with opportunities to talk about the coming change with the "band of prophets", Elisha chooses to maintain silence.
Something we can be good at in the  church.
If it's difficult, let's not talk about it.
Thorny issues remain unaired.
Unacceptable behaviour goes unchallenged.
Lack of commitment becomes acceptable.
And so the double portion of the Spirit that is ours for the asking lies unwanted, unused.
And the church becomes a mere shadow of the kingdom, undistinguished, languishing on the periphery.
What will it take to startle us into life?
What will incite our passion?
When will we pick up the mantle and be God's people, speaking love and living out the challenges as prophets in the world today?

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