Thursday, 8 April 2010

He came back

A reflection for the Sunday after Easter:

Doubting Thomas no more

I needed to escape that room

the others were ripping my knitting

going over and over and over

blaming each other

recriminating constantly

So I baled out

just to get some space

to vent some of my frustration

It was over

what were we all sticking around for anyway?

I was really making some headway

working out what I was going to do next

and then they came to find me

came to rub it in more like

they said Jesus had come back

yeah right

good one

I just called their bluff

told them he'd have to come find me

I wasn't about to believe what they'd concocted between them

just to wind me up

I went back to see the others

tell them my plans for the future

say - so long

and that's when it happened

Jesus slipped into the room

How, I'll never know

but he gave me proof

embraced me with his wounded body

he came back

for me

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