Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In time,,,

These snowdrops look a tad feeble right now but, in time, will be even more glorious signs of hope.
This week's lectionary uses the passage from Isaiah 6 v 1-8 about Isaiah's call. Not so often heard are the verses immediately following that call , v 9-13, verses that speak of the people's inability to hear and to understand until their cities are laid to waste and their land is desolate and they are scattered.
The holy seed is its stump. Right at the end of the passage we get the tiniest glimmer of hope.
It is that hope that is calling to me today.
In all the dry bones and the deadness is the tiniest holy seed.
And so, in days when it seems that no one else gets it and that the life is being slowly but relentlessly choked out of the Spirit, there is still the tiniest remnant, a remnant that will bloom again.
When we are tempted to ask "How long, O Lord", there are tiny flickers of hope.
Tiny flickers that we are called to nurture until the time is right when they will burst into flame.

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