Tuesday, 12 January 2010


This week's gospel reading is John 2:1-11, the story of Jesus changing water into wine. I get the distinct feeling that he isn't quite ready to be rumbled. He says to his mother: "Woman, my hour has not yet come." But other plans are afoot and, certainly in John's gospel this is the first of the signs that Jesus is something special - from another planet might be one way of putting it. Despite his reluctance we can see him, in this disaster aversion at a wedding being drawn into the light.
I have a load of questions about this story. I probably won't preach them on Sunday, so I'll air them here instead:
If his time had not yet come, why did Jesus respond anyway?
The jars that came to be filled with wine were used for the ritual washing/purification practices. How was that custom fulfilled when Jesus requisitioned the containers - that was important too for the folks there.
Why such an abundance?
What bits of our ritual would Jesus mess up or transform into the absurd.
Is there a tie up to our gospel last week - the baptism of Jesus by John? Jesus had to go out into the wilderness to see John - put himself out there. Is this coming out of the closet at a wedding in a similar vein?
Lots of food and drink for thought.

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