Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Reflecting on this week's gospel - John 6: 56-69

Do you too want to give up?

I tried to tell you it wouldn’t be easy.
No illusions.
I did warn you.
It’s good to have fun.
It’s good to mess about.
But when it gets down to the nitty gritty.
It’s hard.
Really hard.
So this is your get out.
This is the time to leave the coach.
Do it now.
Because it just gets messier and messier.
No let up.
You think there have been “awkward moments” along the way?
You aint seen nothing yet.
Discipleship isn’t about all the good times – though there are loads of those
But discipleship is a huge endurance test
Discipleship means getting mired in all the hard stuff – and sticking right with it.
So what do you think?
Are you up for it?
Can you cope with the cost alongside the rewards?
Do you like rollercoasters?
This is what its all been leading up to
All the signs and wonders
All the upsetting of apple carts.
It wasn’t just some grand kicking over the traces
It was all leading to this point
This point of decision
In or out
Move on or drop back
That’s where it’s at

All along the way I’ve given you hints
At every step I’ve tried to prepare you
Provided bread for the journey
For nurture and growth
Soft bread when you needed it
Now it’s time for the molly coddling to stop
Time for you to show your mettle
What I can promise though is- that what I’ve given
– and continue to give
is enough
I won’t leave you floundering
Won’t leave you high and dry
I am the real deal
Believe me
You have it in you
I wouldn’t ask you otherwise
But you have to step up to the mark
Decide whether you’re in or out
It’s time to take all that you’ve learned so far
And put it to good use
Time to make sense of the journey
And decide whether you’re up for more
I know you can do it – I wouldn’t ask you otherwise
But it’s time now to use all that I’ve given you so far
To take you forward on a road less travelled
To take you off the main drag
And forge new ways and new paths
Using all the skill you have

Deep down you know all this makes sense
You know you couldn’t just carry on regardless
That, at some point, there’d be a cost
And this is it
Are you with me?
Or have you had enough
Do you trust me?
Really trust me?
Do you believe that I can get you through the tough bits that are ahead
Are you willing to throw in your lot
Or would you rather just cut and run.
I’m moving on with all the hard stuff
I want you to be my disciple
But I’m telling you it won’t be easy
So- are you still with me?

(Liz Crumlish 2009)

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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, Liz! I especially liked "I am the real deal," right in parallel with all of the "I am"s in John's gospel.