Saturday, 25 April 2009

on the beach

As I strolled along the beach
I came across some children
who had happened upon this "crocodile"
and were trying to wake it up
it was easier to join in their game
than be all grown up
easier to see the adventure
than a dead piece of wood.
My mind took me to another beach
to a man wandering along
who took stock of what was going on
so he rolled up his sleeves
and threw together some breakfast
and then proceeded to take
his disciples on a lifetime adventure
an adventure that continues
wherever we walk in life
on the beach, down the street, through the town
in our homes and schools and sanctuaries
with children who understand better than the adults
and who show us how to get involved
how to join in with abandonment
who help us open our eyes
and see what we would never have imagined on our own
It's a roller coaster ride
full of colours and noise 
sometimes it's upside down
but it's a ride in the company of a man
who knows about the nitty gritty too
and who grounds us all
in the very beginning of creation
in the very fabric of life
we can choose to be all grown up
and miss the adventure
or we can choose to join in
be swept up and carried along
in the work of redeeming the world.
Liz Crumlish April 2009


MaineCelt said...

I enjoyed this so very much! it brings to mind one of George MacDonald's sermons, something about eager children vs. dull disciples. Have you read any of his sermons? One of my favourite Scottish mystics!

liz said...

Oh yes, MaineCelt. I Love George MacDonald's writing. Thanks for stopping by.