Saturday, 21 March 2009

Laetare Sunday

The ashes have faded
the snow is melted
but what does the sun reveal?
Is there anything to show for our Lenten practice?
Did we get off to a good start
and maintain the momentum
or did we fizzle out somewhere along the way?
This midpoint is another good chance to take stock.
all is not lost - yet
Lent can be wearying
even with the best of intentions
But if the best we can manage
is to see from a different perspective
or feel with a tad more compassion
then that will be enough
the growth and change in us
affects all around us
and if our awareness of God is enhanced
then we have really struck gold
for where God is
there is life.
so lets not give up
let's blaze a trail
on through the wilderness
and out into the world
following the blazer of all trails
living and loving all the way
Liz Crumlish 2009

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