Saturday, 10 May 2008


Colours swirling and birling
Breath taking beauty
Wonder and mystery
The swirl of emotion and laughter 
Accusations of madness
will anything ever be normal again?
Praise God - no
All is changed
The world, the church, you, me
Can never revert to the mundane
For the Spirit blows the cobwebs away
stands life on its head
And challenges us to get caught up
in life-changing energy
And yet we go through the motions
Fulfilling all righteousness
Crossing the Ts and dotting the Is
Majoring in precision
Labouring over the unimportant
and soul-destroying detail
when the spirit wills us to be free
of the baggage of tradition
or bogged down by conformity
to throw caution to the wind
the wind of the spirit
and be caught up in the unpredictable
Grasp freedom
Embrace possibility
the Spirit wills the impossible
to be our reality
and our dreams
however crazy
to be fulfilled.

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